Maturity is becoming aware of your mortality. Of the fragility of existence. That life can end at any moment. But then again, risks have to be taken for rewards to be enjoyed. For a man (person), the nearest thing to immortality is regulated immaturity. The occasional calculated leaps of faith. Momentarily ignoring that you can die anytime might be deadly but rewarding if executed for productive purposes. The good thing is even if the pursuits are unproductive, failure becomes a teacher. And immaturity becomes maturity. At least until the next time.

WORLD-BUILDING: school for unconventional learning


Main Idea: A School for Unconventional Learning

Alias: The School

Name of Place: Undecided.


It has to be a fictional place much similar to Kenya (well of all the countries in the world I understand best how the one I live in works), and Earth in general. Names of places will be changed for obvious reasons. My theories and boring non-fiction thought concerning Religions, Philosophies, Money, Marriages, Governance, Gender Relations etc. will be synthesised through fictional characters to make the book interesting.

So instead of me writing “How Reality is Subjective” a character’s actions, thoughts, and relations with others will show this. Everything will be unconventional, hence it has to be a school. I’m thinking a college for students ages starting from 16.  Everything has to be believable though.

Character Profiles

Professor, Old 70s, Sharp eyes, balding walks with a stick, short wiry frame

“The Scam Theory of Money is that all the legal processes that result in money-making are in-fact legalized crime, so there is really no need to have an ethical dilemma on how one makes money. Because money, upon further examination, is a scam by itself.”

Role: The voice of unconventional wisdom.

A Female Protagonist

                              Name Undecided

I have never written from the perspective of a young girl. So a girl of about seventeen,  poor background, plain-faced, feminine, fierce, outgoing, realist and has loyalties only to herself.

I’m not interested in presenting a feminist agenda, rather I want to challenge the presentation of the feminine, especially in the 21st century. A beautiful, strong woman is a cliché character so I am trying something different. Something challenging. Will talk to some of my female friends in the creation of this character’s values, goals and such. But she has to be a realist.

Role: Voice of unconventional realism.


OH. Ignore the ISIS drop-caps. Totally unintentional. Tell me what you think of this idea I’m working on.

The Future Is…

Futurist here, there are some things I wish to share about what’s coming. In our lifetime, if you live for the next 50 years, we are going to witness:

  1. Technologies that slow down aging– Alzheimer’s, Dementia could be a thing of the past.
  2. New money– we’ve had cowry shells, fiat currencies, something else is coming. Especially now governments have seen the appeals of crypto, when Central Banks join the next wave, something else will come up.
  3. First manned flight to Mars– Elon Musk, NASA, China, India, Russia… the players are gathering.
  4. More understanding of space phenomena. Blackholes, space objects passing near the earth more.
  5. Change in social and government structures– not sure how yet. Bureaucracies and democracies might even be made of Artificial Intelligence???
  6. New forms in building, architecture, planning and industry.
  7. Food being grown in the lab from cells??? It’s already happening, more to come.
  8. A better understanding of neural networks and brain functions: helpful for treating Autism and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  9. The definition of work is going to change with coming Robotics, AI and IoT. Just look at VAR in football games. Maybe creative pursuits will be monetized.
  10. Designer babies– Genomics is going to create gene editing techniques. If my family has sickle-cell anaemia, I can just tell the doctors to remove the sickle-cell genes from my offspring! Crazy right? Designer babies. A Chinese scientist in 2018 created 2 HIV-resistant babies.
  11. Add yours

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Keynesian Economics According to Henry Ford

One of my favourite quotes.

A client can be: a stranger, friend, country, company, an ideology. Basically anyone or anything that buys a product is a client. If the assumption that a rich guy will be a good (not corrupt) president and people vote in the welloff thief, that’s some successful ideology client (deep shit). I’m more interested in the ideology clients: value systems, quality, terms and conditions, taste, options… these things are not random at all.

CARLSAGAN: A Universe Poem

Here we are,
Stationary for all intents and purposes,

Like Carl Sagan said, on this “pale blue dot”,
Our planet, wondrous as it is,
Is but a miniscule mystery we think we’ve solved,

But do we really appreciate that we are here?

When was the last time you glimpsed at the starlight night sky?

A door to the past, Alpha Centauri the nearest star, it’s light 4.3 years late arriving,
And there others older, hundreds, thousands, millions of light years away,
A good number long dead,
Maybe civilizations once survived on some distant star at some corner of a yet undiscovered galaxy,

The things we know, astounding they may be but we have trivialized them,
The wonders yet undiscovered, out there in the sheer desert of space,
In due time, these will give us pause to look up to the stars,
Appreciate the sheer fact amidst all the unknowns that,
Here we are.

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Old Soul Stories

Sad am going to talk of untold stories,
Fireside dreams in the countryside embraced by the evening breeze,
From sunrise to sunset we took in the time like a drug and in time it got better,
We got better.

We grew older and the fire of the country lost some spark,

Grew colder,
And it was time to change fodder, We explored the world and hated where we came from,

Any support is highly appreciated.

Estranged from the land of old.

The subjectivity of reality

Instead of quantity surveying, I really should have done philosophy but it’s not that marketable. I’ve never seen a philosophy vacancy advertised in the newspaper: “Philosopher wanted. 20 years of experience.” The interview would be hilarious. “I am over 20 years old and that means I have 20+ years experience. Give me the job!”

Talking about experience, a video on youtube just challenged my notions of reality. And now I have combined all those ideas and formed my own but still the same old sold and resold version of reality purposely to spread the thoughts on the same and maybe inspire a few people to question deeply. Doubt and skepticism are art forms. The only difference might be my language of description- many a time philosophers have argued, sometimes in their heads, on what exactly is reality. Here is my take.

I believe reality is layered and we can only perceive the top layer. We live in the top layer. The top layer is our reality. There is a shrimp which can see colours in the electromagnetic spectrum. That shrimp’s reality, however fact-based it might be, is infinitely different from mine. I wear glasses too as I am short sighted. Suffice to say I cannot be a reliable eyewitness without my glasses and even then… we see the world differently even though our range of reality is bound by the same limitations and rules.

Hypothetically, we are swimming in an ocean of possibilities and what keeps us afloat is reality. Beneath the surface of the ocean are other layers of reality, which can kill us if we are not too careful. I think this is a good example- another is an astronaut in space. An astronaut in space is confined to a small reality in the form of the space suit and oxygen tank. That is far as his reality goes. If he removes the gas mask or suit, he will die. His awareness of the lack of oxygen and possible radioactivity in space is what keeps him alive.

Consciousness- the tree in the middle of the garden of Eden: let me borrow a familiar story for the sake of understanding. What is implied is that ignoring reality is death since reality is what keeps us alive. Away from those extreme scenarios, if the environments change say on land, reality becomes favourable. An astronaut does not need a space suit on earth. An understanding of rules and limitations therefore keeps reality in check and us alive.
Reality is highly reactive.

The rules of reality are subjective depending on how we relate with them. If we go digging through the layers of reality without considering the rules of reality then we put ourselves in danger. That’s exactly what philosophers do! And scientists go even further and look for proofs for different realities. The deaths of Socrates and Jesus are both similar in that they both challenged accepted notions of reality. They explored too much, exposed too much and people got uncomfortable with their contrarian views. But let me refrain from the spiritual before I lose the last person still reading this.

A more scientific example is when Galileo proved in the 1600s that the sun was the centre of the solar system. He was placed under house arrest.These examples prove that people who explore the foundations of reality will be met with a lot of resistance. If we are in a simulation as people like Elon Musk believe, then the person who comes with the irrefutable proof certainly will be silenced. There is no reality without life- truth is the exact opposite. Pure truth exists even beyond the life (or life forms) perceiving it. But humans we have watered down truth through the ages. As I’ve said before, “The mother of truth is belief. Facts are nothing but a foster home for truth.” People will believe any BS and often people edit facts to suit their beliefs and build their “false” truths.


This is the selfie of ads. I am a self-serving guy but do read on please.

The doctor stops at the door number 267. He shakes out his keys from his white coat and proceeds to open the door. It slides open noiselessly. Eery ever since he’s been here for three years now he hasn’t got used to the ‘noisy silence’ inside the asylum. He wouldn’t be surprised if some people got insane here instead of the more normal scenario whereby people’s insanity led them here.
The door shuts close behind him. He looks around the room. White walls, shining bright, white bedclothes and the figure convulsing incessantly on the bed. His patient. He administers the injections one after the other. They are fast working. In minutes her breathing slows, the trashing reduces before coming to a complete stop as the sedatives work their way through her circulatory system. She doesn’t immediately go to sleep though. The doctor reminds himself to increase the dosage. She’s developing some resistance.
Looking at her you wouldn’t think she’s mad. She’s homely, quite good to look at. Some would say beautiful and the doctor would too if it wasn’t for the seriousness of his work. And her condition. She is schizophrenic. She has a split personality. She controls her breathing, focusing her attention on the doctor’s face. She stares unblinking as she regulates how she breathes. The doctor if unnerved by the burning gaze does not show it. ‘Fascinating,’ he thinks. She is slowing down the effects of the drugs by sheer will power. And she is succeeding.
‘Doctor how are you today,’ she asks.
‘I am totally fine. It is you I am worried about,’ The doctor responds.
‘As you can see am quite okay,’ She spreads her arms outwards over the bed.
‘Any pain? Headaches?’
‘Yes. A little. Around my temples. I didn’t sleep very well.’
‘Very well. I recommend you sleep at least eight hours from today.’
‘I fear I have insomnia.’
‘If that is the case then some sleep inducers will help you catch some sleep.’
‘Anything you say doctor.’
She continues to study his face. It is beginning to disturb him. She looks at him like he is the object of some insane fascination- a childhood toy she always hoped for. Poor her. She will always be like this, not knowing that it is her who has the problem. Not him. But she doesn’t understand that and so she keeps staring. The doctor’s time is up. He retreats and The engineer comes forward. The engineer wants things fixed. If only The doctor and The teacher were cooperative.
Her face slowly swims to The Engineer’s gaze. She smiles at him. She likes him- he’s almost sure of that.
‘I hope the Doctor didn’t misbehave while I was away doctor.’
‘He didn’t. He tried to treat me as usual.’
‘Something needs to be fixed. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.’
Patient 267 convulses yet again and The teacher comes forth. He looks at her face, and like the Engineer he understands he’s the one who is the patient.
‘Hello there. It’s The teacher, isn’t it?’ she asks.
‘Yes. You’re learning.’
She administers yet another doze for the man now going by the name The teacher- patient 267. On the way out she notices something she’s never seen for the five years she’s been working here. The frame of the door is going loose. She reminds herself to inform management. The door needs to be fixed. She shrugs.
‘Guess the Engineer was right.’


I’ve been thinking about NOT publishing this but what the hell let me disappoint an ENTIRE GENERATION.

Research shows that by the time you, yes YOU, are 28 to about 34 you will have hit mid-mid-life crisis at least 3 times. This mid-mid-life crisis is characterized by the realization that everything you grew up believing was ALL LIES and I know this because I have experienced it a couple of times myself. I guess it is a normal rite of passage in the twenty-first century though I could be wrong. It’s a millennial problem, our generation, we grew up thinking we were “ENTITLED” that the world owed us a good life, that we would have it “COMING EASY”. At this point if the term “millennial” sounds like witchcraft to you, you should probably google it. Growing up we were raised by the TV where we saw fast cars, beautiful people, the high life, Vegas, billionaires and celebrities just to point out a few. Chuck Norris probably deserves special mention. Majority of us were told we were special, that we could be anything we wanted. That we could all be presidents, millionaires, billionaires, celebrities… anything WE WANTED. We interpreted the statement “you can be anything you want” to mean “if you want it “IT” will come to you automatically”. And that is how the cookie crumbles (Bruce Almighty). Good thing about this point in the story is that most of us are now coming to realize that we were WRONG. But how could we be wrong? Let’s go over a few COLD, HARD TRUTHS. You are NOT ENTITLED to anything. The world OWES YOU NOTHING. If you want something you HAVE TO GO GET IT. That is what our fathers’ and grandfathers’ generation understood. Blood, sweat and tears are NOT DIRTY. Blood, sweat and tears are proof that you are working your ass off and not waiting for somebody to CROWN YOU something you most likely don’t deserve. We are the SOFTEST generation of the last 3000 years. Stuff on in the INTERNET is giving us sleepless nights. We have not gone two or three days without food and water and no way to ask for help. We are the LOST GENERATION. Not all of us are going to be presidents, billionaires, celebrities and the like. It is STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. The fact that you are special in your own way applies to everybody. So millennials: GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES AND WORK YOUR ASSES OFF. After you’ve had a few of these mid-mid-life crises starting from your late teens there are a few important things you know and trust me I know.

It’s true, the truth hurts… only if you let it.

Strong to Serve

The world will have you think it prefers weak men,

Men with no honor, zero integrity, easily bought,

Men whose palms are easy to grease, dancing to the tune of the highest bidder, But the world lies, The world promises honey and power,

Secretly it saps away the masculine energy, In its place weakness sets and spreads like a cancer,

Weak men are fallible, they are easily toppled, They are cowards who find it hard to sleep peacefully,

Because they know the world gives but woe is on those who receive before giving, For the world is an impatient landlord with no qualms when rent is overdue,

For in receiving first it means much more will be taken, And the nightmare is not knowing when,

That’s why men ought to be of strength, Refusing to be emasculated and instead be testosteroned, Because men were made to be strong,

To encourage men to be like women is like weighing a feather against a block of iron and expect equilibrium,

In the societal scale, balance is important, Before men are forgotten, remember, Men were made to be strong,

Strong to serve.

“Strong to Serve” is the school motto of Alliance High School.